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Welcome to Eden Wellness Institute

EWI is an online & residential educational  program where our guests and students  can  learn how to cultivate thriving health.  We  offer customized  courses  online, in a small  group or one on one setting . We teach our students an integrative approach to preventative  medicine and longevity  living techniques in a relaxed tropical environment.

Choose  from  our  course  list  below  or  contact  us  to  create  your  own  unique  program.




Have you ever wanted to decode the ways to detox this is the course for you. You will learn many ways to cleanse your body, mind and spirit and why detox is so important. 

Your course topics  will include:

  • Living in a toxic world
  • Intro to detox methods
  • How to choose the right methods for you
  • Understanding  and  freeing  yourself from  addiction
  • Detox  your  body,  mind,  &  soul
  • Clinical experience with a variety of detox methods



Humans have been using plants as medicine since the begining of time. As we have turned to modern medicine we have lost our knowing of healing ourselves with plants.

Your course topics will include:

  • Intro to plant medicine
  • Creating your personal natural farmacy
  • First aid in nature
  • Natural self  care  techniques
  • Intro to plant medicine for mental health 
  • Ritual  &  ceremony  for  self care
  • Guided plant medicine clinical experience



Our state of mind affects all parts of our lives. As we are seeing mental health issues skyrocket in developed nations we need to develope our skills in our mental health toolboxes so we are better preepard to process the stresses of modern life.

Your course topics will include:

  • Intro to mental health 
  • Understanding epigenetics and healing ancestral wounds
  • Healing techniques for PTSD, Trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety
  • Personalized clinical experience with our faculty members  



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Join us at EWI to learn a variety of preventative and longevity techniques. 

Your course topics will include:

  • Longevity fitness techniques
  • Self care for prevention
  • Expanding your mental health toolbox
  • Balanced nutrition for a lifetime
  • Pillars of health & wellness



Ancient  wisdom and modern research  has shown us the connection between gut health, mental wellbeing and overall immune function. To improve your health in these areas it is critical to understand the principles of how to improve bowel function.    

Your course topics will include:

  • The principles of digestive health
  • Steps to bowel reprograming 
  • Restoring  gut health  through  nutrition
  • Pillars  of health  &  wellness  



With this course you will gain a deep understanding about how the human body functions from a variety of medical backgrounds. 

Your course topics will include:

  • Intro to Western Medicine
  • Eastern Medical Philosophy
  • Basics of Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology 

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Once you have selected your course(s) contact us to select your start dates and length of stay.  

We have three course levels to choose from:

  1. Curious-   Choose one course of focus and enjoy a 6  night stay  in  paradise  plus daily  classes  and  clinical experience  in  your chosen  field  of  study.  Total cost  per  person $2,700  USD. 
  2. Committed- For those looking to deepen their knowledge base, put these techniques into action, and begin to create a life long self care routine will want to sign up for this course.  Choose up to 3 courses to focus on and join us for 14  nights  at  our ocean view  campus  plus  course  work and clinical experience  is  $5,880 per person
  3. All In- If you are  ready  for  a  complete  overhaul  of your health  and  self  care  routines  then  we  advise  to take all courses and enjoy a  stay of  21 days.  Tuition total will  be  $8,200.  

Each program  includes  your private ocean  view suite,  3 local  organic  meals  per  day  or  juice fasting,  daily  group  health classes, an  individual  integrative  medical intake,  evaluation, and  hands  on healing session, a  personalized  wellness  plan  and  access  to  our  many wellness  services. 

Accomodation and tuition rate includes  meals, private ocean view suite, course curriculum, and daily activities (see sample schedule below). Airport transportation from San Jose International (SJO) can be arranged at an additional cost. 

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About Us

Additional Services


During your stay at Eden you will have the opportunity to add any of the following services to your schedule.

  • Massage
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Colon hydrotherapy/ Colonics
  • Integrative & Oriental Medicine
  • Vitamin IV therapy
  • Energy Healing 
  • Stem Cell
  • Guided  Shamanic  Journeys
  • Talk  Therapy,  CBT,  coaching, & counseling



Eden is  a  boutique  accomodation in the  hills overlooking the  international  beach  community  of  Jaco,  Costa  Rica.  Surrounded  by  lush  jungles  and endless  beaches  Eden  is  the perfect  place to  heal,  learn  and  grow in  a  relaxed  tropical environment.

Costa  Rica  is  known  the  world  over  for  it’s  adventure, surf, and  national  parks all  within  minutes  from  Eden.  Our  team is  here  to help  you  coordinate  all of  your  Costa  Rican  dreams.

Each  guest  will  enjoy  a private  ocean  view queen bed suite  with  private bath  and  balcony.             

Our Foundation


Eden  Wellness  Institute  is affiliated  with  our  501c3  corporation,  Advanced Productions of Thomas  Creek  Retreat, and  we  are raising funds to expand  our  experiential bio-dynamic  farm  and  to help  clean  up  the Tarcoles  river here  in  Costa  Rica. If you  would  like  to  support  our  cause  please  click  the  link  below  to  do nate through  paypal  giving fund.     

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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Randi Raymond


Founder   &  Director

Dr. Randi has created an environment with an emphasis on education and empowerment so her guests can make lifestyle changes and understand which health approach will work best for them. She holds a masters in Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine making it possible for her to present a wide variety of healing modalities. 

Hali Love


Yoga Instructor & Transformation Mentor  

Hali is a life coach, yoga teacher trainer, mentor, retreat leader and inspirational being. She has been a contributing member to our team since it’s inception. Hali is honored to share her story with you and support you through your personal transformation.

Marisa Pollock, M.A., LGSW



Marissa demonstrates an eclectic counseling approach tailored to the unique needs of each client and is trained to use various treatment methods such as Dialectal Behavioral Therapy  (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family therapy and play therapy. She implements a holistic approach and teaches mindfulness in a non-judgmental setting. 

Olga Fernandez


The cornerstone of good health is good nutrition and Olga is the heart of our kitchen here at Eden. Her warmth and food knowledge is felt in every nourishing bite. Enjoy our S.O.L food menu of Seasonal, Local, and Organic meals designed to meet your unique dietary needs. 

Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold


Dr. Jude is on our advisory board, offers distance healing and online courses to our students and guests. She has nearly 40 years of experience in natural medicine and is honored to share her knowledge with you. 

Extended Tribe


It truly takes a village. And we at Eden have assembled an amazing team of health care providers to contribute to the educational experience. Your educational experience will include a variety of educators and healers to introduce you to a variety of healing therapy options. 

Contact Us

Let us know what courses you are interested in, what dates you would like to stay with us, and if you have any other questions. We look forward to working with you soon!

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Eden Wellness Institute

Eden Retreat Center, Lomas de Jaco, Jaco, Costa Rica

CR 506.2643.2046 Sample Schedule 7-8am- Hydration time 8-9- Longevity fitness 9-10- Breakfast/ morning meeting 10-1pm- Group health class 1-2- Lunch 2-4- Hands on healing sessions/ Clinical experience 4-6- Adventure time or sunset ritual 6- Dinner